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The Importance of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Your Home

In many areas of the U.S., access to heating and air conditioning in the home is necessary. Extreme summer temperatures and record winter lows leave homeowners with a need to control the temperature inside of their homes. However, this means it is also necessary for homeowners to have an understanding of how their heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems work.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioners work in a similar fashion as refrigerators, with a substance called Freon coursing through a series of metal coils. The compression that occurs between these metal coils feed the liquid through until it reaches what is called an expansion valve that allows the Freon to convert back to a gas form. Once this occurs, the gas loses heat energy and becomes extremely cold. This cool air is then ventilated through the various rooms of the home. Every type of air conditioner operates in this capacity; the variances come in the different models that filter out this cold air.

When shopping for an air conditioner, finding the right model for your home is crucial. There are several main varieties, with some of the more common forms as follows:

� Room units: Usually situated in the window to allow the Freon gas to filter out of the home, air conditioning room units will only cool one or two rooms at best. These are more inexpensive than large-scale systems and are less efficient at cool large spaces.

� Split-system units: These air conditioning models split the air conditioning in two portions: hot and cold. The compressor and the heated coils are placed on the outside of the unit and the colder coils and expansion valve are placed inside, allowing cool air to filter through the ducts in the home. This means homeowners don�t have to deal with loud window units, but are spared the expense of installing a large-scale system.

� Chilled water units: This type of air conditioning unit is better for large, commercial buildings instead of smaller homes. These systems essentially spread cooler water throughout the space, cooling the air.

Heating Systems

Heating systems usually involve a furnace or boiler that generates heated air through fuel. The air is then filtered through metal ducts or pipes (usually copper) to heat the space in the home. This kind of heating system is usually found in large apartment buildings with multiple residential dwellings.

The type of heating system you choose for your home depends on your heating needs. For example, homeowners in more southern locales might only need a space heater, since it doesn�t get cold for more than a month or two each year. Those that live in colder climates need a more reliable, efficient heating system. Options for heating systems include: a boiler radiator, hydronic heating, a heating pump, forced air heating and radiant heating. To determine which is best for you will require some research and consultations with a local heating contractor.

When choosing a HVAC contractor, it�s important to find a company or individual with extensive experience in installing and maintaining HVAC systems. Always get two or more references from clients and follow up on contacting those references. HVAC contractors should have the proper licensing in place and be able to give you a general quote, depending on the system in which you choose for your home. Solid, reputable HVAC contractors should be part of the Better Business Bureau and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America.

Ask if there is a set method of pricing and inquire as to how accurate the quote is when you receive it, as quotes can be subject to change depending on the existing system in place.

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