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Types of Flooring For Your home

The flooring in your home is as important as the walls that hold it together. After all, not only does it boast cosmetic enhancement to your home, but is also one of the most function aspects of the entire space. Flooring is the item in your home in which you walk, place furniture, allow your children to play and more. Good flooring can affect how good a room looks and how comfortable it is.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to consider the material underneath your feet. Moreover, when you are thinking through your next remodeling project, you might consider redoing the flooring of a particular room, as it is the one aspect that makes a room go from bland and unoriginal to exciting and outstanding. The options for new flooring as numerous and can be as creative as the d�cor in your home. Here are some things to consider when choosing new flooring options:

* What kind of furniture normally sits in the room where the new flooring will be placed?

* Is there high traffic in the room with the replacement flooring?

* Do you need flooring that is easily cleaned and fairly durable?

* Do you have small children and/or pets that spend a lot of time on the floor?

* Are you installing the flooring in a room that is likely to have a great deal of water on the floor, such as a bathroom or laundry room area?

* How close will the new flooring be to exits with traffic coming and going outside?

* What role do you anticipate the new floor playing in the overall d�cor scheme for your home?

* How much time do you have to devote to the care of your new flooring?

These are all factors that you must consider before choosing the type of flooring you would like to install in your home. There are a number of options to consider when choosing flooring materials, many more than can be named here. However, here is a smattering of the most commonly picked options:

Hardwood: Hardwood is hands down a favorite of homeowners for its sophisticated, elegant style. Hardwood floors are the hallmark of beautifully-built homes and come in a variety of finishes. One can opt for a pine floor with a dark stain, which makes the floor look dark and mysterious. A glossy maple floor makes any room look warm and inviting. Older homes that boast a bare �barn-board� type of flooring are very trendy and popular among remodelers.

However, one of the biggest deterrents for most people when installing hardwood floors is the cost associated with this type of flooring. To begin with, hiring a professional to install hardwood flooring will cost more than hiring someone to do other types of flooring. Moreover, the price of hardwood flooring material itself is pricier than other types of flooring. However, it should be noted that many older homes have beautiful hardwood floors underneath the carpeting and with a little care, can be restored to look stylish and elegant.

If hardwood floor is not affordable, then there are other types of wood that can be used as a flooring option, referred to as �almost hardwood.� These types of flooring are usually much more affordable and easier to care for. They include: Pergo, which is a Swedish company that makes laminate flooring that looks exactly like hardwood, but is much more durable and affordable. It is also much easier to install than real hardwood, making the look of hardwood flooring accessible to all homeowners. Hardboard is another type of almost hardwood that is made from softwood pulp and looks nice, but is not particularly durable. Chipboard is another type of flooring that mimics hardwood and is more durable than the other �almost hardwood� flooring types. However, it should be sealed as soon as it is laid because chipboard stains very easily.

Aside from hardwood, tiling is also a popular flooring choice. It seems as though there is almost an unlimited range of tile flooring. Here are some of the top choices:

* Ceramic tile: This is the classic type of tile and comes in a multitude of styles, colors, patterns and sizes. This type of tile can be machine-made to look perfect or handmade for that creative look. Ceramic tile is very durable, but is susceptible to temperature changes, so it will likely feel cold on bare feet much of the time. It should be noted that ceramic tiling can get very slippery when it gets wet, making it somewhat more of a hazard in homes with pets and small children.

* Mosaic tile: This is like one of the most creative, appealing styles of tile available. This type of flooring actually looks more like a piece of art than a functional flooring type. Pieced together by smaller bits of other glass, tile and even marble or cloth materials, the patterns found in mosaic tile are usually quite stunning. Mosaic tile can be found in large sheets that have a peel-away backing and is quite expensive. This kind of tile usually has a wait, since the designs are often custom-made to match the d�cor of the home.

* Marble tile: Marble of any kind is associated with sheer opulence and with good reason. This material exudes beauty, class and upper class d�cor. Most homeowners install marble in certain areas of the home because of the high cost. It is a very durable material and requires little to nothing by way of special treatment.

* Vinyl/linoleum: This is the ideal flooring choice for any home, particularly in common use areas such as the kitchen, laundry room or bathroom. This tile type is tough enough to stand up to frequent wear and tear and is extremely cost efficient. Its lifespan is length, making it a sound flooring investment. Moreover, it is an attractive tile type and can be made to complement the d�cor of any room. There is little to no care involved with vinyl/linoleum flooring, which adds to its overall appeal.

Some homeowners shun all of the above-mentioned flooring types all together; instead, staying true to carpeting. Wall-to-wall carpeting is still considered a luxury in many homes and brings around its own sense of comfort and style.

Carpeting is found in a range of colors and textures, with most people considering the soft carpet to be the best option. It is comfortable, pleasant to walk on (particularly in bare feet) and enhances the overall d�cor of any room in the home. The price of the carpet is very much dependent on the size of the room and the type of carpet you purchase. This flooring type works particularly well in children�s areas, where they are prone to playing on the floor.

Area rugs are another way to jazz up your floor, without engaging in an extensive remodeling project. This is the absolute best way to hide any unsightly flooring issues and they can move around as needed and used in any room. Many people use area rugs as a focal accent of a room, adding other d�cor around the colors and patterns found in the large rug. They run the gamut from inexpensive to top of the line. It is best to choose a simple pattern on the area rug so that you maintain your options for d�cor and can easily change things up, as you so desire.

One of the more interesting and funky floor styles currently available is leather flooring. It no secret that leather clothing or accessories tend to get better as they age and become more worn; leather flooring is no different. Swathing an entire floor in leather can have an amazing effect on a room. This is not a good flooring choice for a room that will have a lot of water on the floor, such as a mudroom or laundry room, but would be a great choice for a den or library. Leather is actually exceptionally durable and can withstand an occasional spill.

Cork is another interesting and unusual flooring choice. This flooring material is used many urban homes and is considered to be cool and quite trendy. It is very durable and a great alternative to the traditional flooring choice. It can even be used in bathrooms and is a relatively expensive option. It comes in a tile format and needs to be properly laid and treated in order to it to perform at maximum efficiency.

Brick is another beautiful flooring option and one of the more durable choices. It is the perfect material to add warmth and depth to a room and is one of the strongest flooring materials available. It helps flooring transition well from inside to out and should be laid by a professional bricklayer, as bricks can be purchased in a range of styles and varying degrees of thickness.

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